Stephanie Pollak is a London-based travel, food, and portrait photographer focused on storytelling for restaurants, chefs, brands, and publications.

With a keen eye for unnoticed details, she uncovers compelling narratives and moments of connection within the fleeting moments of everyday life. Through her lens, Stephanie captures the natural beauty found in ordinary scenes, and invites us to appreciate the magic of simple moments, wherever we may be. As a former chef and commercial food stylist she has a strong understanding of all things food, and takes great care to reflect the passion and talent of the artisans involved from field to table. She has shot iconic sights in nearly every continent and in hundreds of restaurants around the world, and her images have been commissioned for nearly 20 Diners Club International campaigns and multiple features for Travel + Leisure magazine. Stephanie has recently been commended by National Geographic Traveller and Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year for her documentary style travel and food photos.